‘Good Talk’ is a social program which has been established in order to change and improve the communication and discourse habits in Israel.

During a time in which negative words and messages are constantly being communicated to us, we choose to convey a new kind of conversation as an alternative and offer a discourse which advances tolerance and respect for one another.

We dream of a world in which the language we use in our homes, our work places, our schools, the streets and the media – is respectful, sympathetic and elevating to the soul.

‘Thank you’, ‘sorry’, ‘good job’, ‘you’re welcome’, ‘well done’, ‘faith’ – for us, these are not just words, but powerful tools.

Our purpose is to show a better way; to lead to a conscientious change and simultaneously to provide for the public practical tools to assimilate ‘the good talk’ in our everyday lives.

In the ‘Good Talk’ program, our volunteer staff includes education scholars, psychologists, public figures and rabbis, who all share our vision for a more positive and pleasant social environment.

Our program includes planning, creating and activating a wide range of activities and educational programs in this field, which are designed for all kinds of groups in Israel: children, teenagers, students, families and adults.

Amongst other things, our organization develops practical tools to assimilate this positive state of mind in our everyday lives, through creation of educational programs for kindergartens, schools and Higher Education institutions via an ongoing multichannel campaign.

We invite you to join us in working toward bringing about change in the discourse culture in Israel.